LILA LOVES IT Dog Brush for Short Hair

£16.50 GBP


This dog brush by LILA LOVES IT is especially suited to maintain the fur’s shine and remove dirt and contaminants due to the brass bristles incorporated in the design. The pleasant massaging effect provided by the brushing is an additional benefit, especially for younger dogs and puppies. Regular brushing results in healthier and shiny fur.

The brush is made from oiled beech wood and are held by a flexible strap on the back of the brush. The brush placed flat in the hand, allows the pressure and intensity of the brushing to be applied properly. 

About Lila Loves It:

Based in Munich since 2013, LILA LOVES IT's mission is: SANA CANEM - HEAL THE DOG. They have been researching, developing and producing high quality animal care products that are suitable for all breeds of dogs and are convinced of the combined power of natural science and medicinal knowledge in relation to natural products.



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