LA:BRUKET No.085 Teatree and Mint Dog Shampoo - 500 ML

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L:A BRUKET is a skincare brand hailing from the western coast of Sweden. Treat your dog to a luxury bath with LA:Bruket's Treetree and mint dog shampoo. This dog shampoo is fresh and natural and has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin and fur. Essential oils from tea tree, lime and mint have an antibacterial and soothing effect. 100% organic and/or ingredients of natural origin. This refreshing dog shampoo is 500ml and comes with a pump dispenser. 
Founded in the coastal way of life people here have lived for centuries, L:A BRUKET understand that living and thriving along the coastline is based on a respect for nature and the ability to adapt. Allowing yourself to be shaped and moulded by this relationship results in solutions that meet the demands of this modern life but also respect and work with nature, rather than against it.
Aqua (water), Disodium / sodium cocoyl glutamate (veg.), Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, Coco-glucoside (from coconut), Glyceryl oleate (from olives), Glycerin (veg.), Benzyl alcohol, Citrus aurantifolia peel oil expressed (Lime), Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (Tea tree), Mentha piperita herb oil (mint), Xantan gum (from corn) Caprylyl/Capryl wheat bran/Straw glycosides (from wheat), Fusel wheat bran/ Straw glycosides (from wheat), Salicylic acid (veg), Polyglycol- 5 oleate (veg), Sorbic acid (veg), Sodium cocoyl glutamate (veg), Glyceryl caprylate (veg).





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It’s best to measure your dog to make sure you get the collar that fits them perfectly. Take a flexible tape measure and measure right around the base of the neck, allowing enough room to slide 2 fingers in for comfort.   Our collars are measured from the end of the strap by the buckle to the 1st and last holes. For the smallest fitting size, please see the distance marked A to B on the diagram. The largest fitting size is as shown on the diagram as the distance from A to Z.  Our collars have been specifically designed to reduce the amount of the strap loose at the tip when fastened for the smallest size. Due to this our sizes to do not overlap in dimensions. If your dogs measurement spans across 2 sizes we recommend to order a size up. Please note that as many of our collars are handmade sizing may vary slightly.







All our leather leads are available in one size and measures 2cm x 110cm /  3/4" x 43 2/8"

Our Luxury braided cotton and leather leads are available in 1.5cm, 2cm and 2.5cm / 5/8", 3/4" and 1" wide and all measure 110cm/43 2/8" long

For the safety of your dogs we do not recommend the use our leads for large strong dogs that pull excessively.