Gift Selection Box

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We have brought together some of your favourite products to create stylish gift boxes. Our gift boxes make the perfect gift for dogs and dog lovers. 

This gift box contains a stylish mix of a toy, treats, luxury paw balm and organic nose moisturiser.  

If you want to substitute any of the products for a different variety, please contact us and we will be happy to put together a bespoke box for you.

Our boxes are branded with our logo and feature a magnetic closure. Box Size: 21.5cm x 16.5cm x 8.5cm


  • Lionel Rope Dog Toy
  • The Innocent Hound - Sliced Venison With Chopped Apple 100g box
  • Lila Loves It - Little Paw Care - 60ml ( Boxed)
  • Dug & Bitch - Organic Nose Moisturiser 10ml

Contents Details:


Lionel Rope Dog ToyEach toy is 18cm long and made from 100% natural dyed cotton thread and is hand tied


The Innocent Hound - Venison Sausages With Apple 100g box 

Exquisite British venison combined with a handful of juicy chopped apples make these sausages the ultimate in luxury treats for your best friend.  Serve whole or tear into smaller pieces but hands off - they're not for you!


Lila Loves It - Little Paw Care - 60ml ( Boxed )

This balm by LILA LOVES IT protects sensitive paws using the natural strengths of calendula. The deer tallow and coconut oil protect against potentially damaging environmental effects, such as road salts and grit. Your pet’s paws will become more elastic and moisturised, making calluses more resilient and safeguarding against injury. However, even if your friend’s paws do get scratched or scraped, this balm will help them heal faster!


Dug & Bitch - Nose No. 1 - 10ml

Nose No.1 by Dug & Bitch is a oil nose moisturiser that contains organic pressed sweet almond oil from Spain. When you want that glossy wet nose to shine in the sunshine and to stop those sore cracked noses on those cold mornings

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