DOG Magazine - Issue 1

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We are thrilled to have discovered DOG, a stylish new independent magazine. DOG is a modern lifestyle magazine exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners in society. Each issue centres on a common topic and explores the meaningful interactions and love of individuals and their dogs through photographic portfolios, interviews, personal essays, informative material on breeds and creative content.

This issue 1 features Xander, a beautiful Stabyhoun. The Stabyhoun is a rare and companionable Dutch breed. In this issue they talk about the breed along with Friesland, the natural region it hails from.

This magazine also explores the concept of companionship through a mix of personal narratives, interviews and discussions with people whose dogs are an important part of their lives and creative process.

They chatted with US Photographer Amy Lombard, Colombian dog altruistic Jimena Hoyos and English actor Frank Windsor. Issue 1 also features a photo-essay by photographer Christopher Nunn and an illustration-essay inspired by the original dog’s jobs by Jenny Tang.

This issue is 152 pages (no advertising), perfectly bound and printed in a mix of matte and high-gloss paper with a soft touch cover. DOG is printed in London

A note from the creators of DOG 

Personal, visual, poetic, current and innovative, DOG offers original content and a new perspective to dog lovers and owners. Content for DOG comes from a variety of creative sources mirroring the diversity of dog owners and lovers. Submissions from emerging or established photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, designers, makers and visual artists, and any dog owner, give DOG a fresh vision of what dog mean to humans. 


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