L:A BRUKET is a skincare brand hailing from the western coast of Sweden. The strong relationship the people who call that place home have with nature, along with their traditions, inspired their range of products and treatments that use a combination of the best ingredients from nature to deliver the best results for your body and skin.

Founded in the coastal way of life people have lived for centuries, L:A BRUKET understand that living and thriving along the coastline is based on a respect for nature and the ability to adapt. Allowing yourself to be shaped and moulded by this relationship results in solutions that meet the demands of this modern life but also respect and work with nature, rather than against it.

Working with nature is another principal that guides their brand as they constantly strive to find the best combinations of natural and organic ingredients from land and sea. Water, salt and seaweed are core building blocks that ensure each and every product delivers the nourishment your body and skin needed to withstand coastal, and urban living today. Constantly looking for new combinations and products, they are committed to sharing what is in each of their products in order to achieve uncompromising results.

These results are another guiding principal, as it means they are committed to making all aspects of their products and treatments functional.


The landscape of natural, organic, vegan and non-toxic skincare can be confusing to navigate. L:A Bruket believe that the best approach to this is to be transparent about the ingredients and components in their products.   

Their close relationship to the coast means that they work with nature rather than industrialise it to find ingredients that yield the greatest results. This uncompromising approach means that they keep the industrial processes as minimal as possible, relying on the natural benefit to shine through. Nature gives us enough resources to provide the body’s greatest organ with the nourishment it needs to age well. 

Of course nature is always changing, so they are constantly looking for new combinations and discoveries to harness into our skincare solutions.



Building on the principles of design and ceramics, L:A Bruket co-founder Monica Kylén began exploring skincare out of necessity. As a trained ceramic artist, Monica was creating a line of homeware products and needed a wholesome, natural soap to demonstrate the functionality of her design. Unable to find any that met her philosophy for design and quality, she set out making some for herself. This is how L:A Bruket started and still operates today. 

An uncompromising approach toward working with the best ingredients that nature has to offer, providing a functional benefit to the user and drawing inspiration from a close relationship to nature continue to guide our brand and team. Monica’s passion touches everything we do, resulting in uncompromising quality and the desire to change a simple routine into a daily celebration.  

Content and photo courtesy of LA:BRUKET